Painter of the 21th century knowledge age

Do it for you. Pantaleons Muehlengasse Cologne Germany

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My second show in Cologne is not a follow up from the first exhibition. This show is more fragmented and closer to the diary approach. The influence from Karl Ove Knausgård still lingers. The title of the show I stole from somewhere in the album I played all summer: Amen Dunes “Freedom”. My interest is to look at paintings in relation to each other, rather than in a linear progress. For this sake I regret that I didn’t show more paintings. But in this specific venue I didn’t want to overhang. Hanging lots of works is more or less a standard praxis in Pantaleonsmühlengasse. So I didnt. The key work of this exhibition(Picture above) is a mirror of myself as a painter. In company of three abstract paintings that shows this contrast of my subjective experience and art history.

Frischer Wind und 20 Grad- Cologne Germany

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My first gallery exhibition. It plays with high and low culture in every decision made here . The title (Fresh wind and twenty degrees) Is one example. Sort of a anti-important statement. I didn’t want to teach anything or claim much. And perhaps, to distance myself from the often present sentimentality. The motives in my paintings here largely refers to art history(Painterly references) and consumer culture parallel. The idea is already a dated one(Susan sontag published the Essay “Camp” in 1964) But it doesn’t matter when I have a personal relationship to the highs and lows. The press release given out for the opening is a interview Bob Dylan(this years noble prize winner) did with Playboy early in his career.